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The Description Of Smart Antenna Front End

Smart Antenna Front End aims to implement the technical change, thus cheaper, smaller and more efficient movable antenna can be provided. The world’s leading Internet solution provider Molex pushes this project with the other research laboratories. 8.7 million US dollars will be invested on the project which lasts four years. It is consisted by Aalborg University, Intel Mobile Communications, WiSpy and Molex. The members of SAFE try to solve the broadband, standard and antenna problems brought by the mobile phone through cooperation and innovation.

SAFE has begun to widen the cheap broadband to cover more movable communication frequency band and standard from 1990. The size of antenna and RF component is increasing, but the market needs the smaller product. This problem should be solved. Adding more models will make the whole performance low; therefore, people hope to redesign the construction by SAFE. As the main investor, Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation has provided the corporations and universities with resources and framework. Vice-president of the foundation maintains that they wish the investment can bring Demark more business and job opportunities.

The development of RF and antenna was separated in the past, so the solutions were always below expectation. In this project, all the experts strive for the special controlling and integrated technologies which can be used in the antenna and RF field. These technologies also can be integrated into all kinds of movable phones. WiSpry, which is located in California, is a leading supplier of adjustable RF solution. WiSpry actively respond to the project, and it has established a new research center in Aalborg. The MEMS-based technology of WiSpry is a solution which can meet the demand of multi-mode and multi-band. It has the highest performance among all the adjustable solutions. SAFE gives WiSpry opportunities to show how their technical capability could build a new platform.

Molex will provide the project with modern facilities and more than ten years of experience. Molex design and develop the antenna and the components. These products support the wide wireless communication technology, including the cellular technology, UMTS, WiFi, WIMAX, Bluetooth, GPS and so on. Molex is going ahead with more jobs. It aims to make the cell phone antenna become the visible component which can be replaced. One size fits all is the standard of antenna in the future. Developing a radio system which can deal with all the broadband in a small unit is the goal of Molex.

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